Monday, March 23, 2009

Tottenham vs. Chelsea

I saw the Tottenham-Chelsea game yesterday, delayed by 30 minutes due to a suspicious package, and it was a cracker. Going in I thought Chelsea were the stronger team, with a reinvigorated Drogba and the return, in sensational form, of Michael Essien. After yesterday's game I was shocked to see how weak Chelsea were in the midfield. Was Ballack having an off day? Would it have made more sense to shift Essien and Ballack at half-time?

I don't think that this game should be blamed on Ballack necessarily... the only time Belletti seemed to have an effect on the game was when he was booked. Ashley Cole seemed to be a presence, although at times he was out-hustled by Aaron Lennon.

Also, Tottenham were definitely up for the game -- every time a Chelsea player had the ball for more than five seconds he was surrounded by three white shirts. Tottenham were organized and were the better team. Redknapp is definitely not my favorite manager, but he must be doing something right. Maybe in the next season, Tottenham may challenge the big four. Definitely something to hope for.