Friday, March 6, 2009

Gold farming

Interesting article on gold farming at the Guardian. However, the reporter should look into the relationship between the gaming companies (like Blizzard) and the gold farming companies. I'm sure there is a story there.

Its a new world baby

Relive the recent past with book covers selling the stock market, day trading, and real estate riches.

Our Sicko System

My mother recently saw Sicko for the first time on Showtime. Ironically, seeing the disparity between health care in the US and abroad (where it is much easier to acquire and less expensive) made her sick.

Karen Tumulty writes movingly about her brother's experience with a life threatening disease. Definitely worth a read.


Beckham puts his own money where his heart is.

I expect England to make it to the World Cup. But they have to play better football than they played against Spain if they hope to progress through the tournament.