Saturday, November 22, 2008

Inter Win

Inter won against Juventus. It was a good game, and in reality Inter deserved the win, although they had trouble converting attacks into goals.

Now I'm looking forward to tomorrow's Barca game.

Liverpool and Chelsea

Two good results for Manchester United as both Liverpool and Chelsea draw today. Hopefully Manchester United will capitalize and come away today with a win.

The Chelsea game was good, with two controversial, but spot-on, refereeing decisions. Chelsea dominated the ball and generally looked like winners. But were stymied, I believe, on their reliance on their midfield to create opportunities. The Chelsea strikers were not good enough to break down a determined Newcastle defense -- a defense that was essentially a 'team bus' approach (parking the team in front of goal). Chelsea should have won today, but the opportunities they created were slight and would have depended on luck to make them come through. Really they should have worked harder to create better opportunities.

Update: Well boo. Man Utd held scoreless and fail to capitalize.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A sporting life

I suppose one of the great things about sports are stories like this one.

Beat him with a hammer, beat him with a stick

I agree, but there are many more reasons than this one:
all of which, having seen in person, you really, really wish you could use to beat the shit out of Tom Wolfe.

While the derisive comment about Tom Wolfe resonated (with me), the post is worth reading because its subject matter is not Tom Wolfe, but rather War Memorials (read the comments too).

Sports and the press

Uli Hesse-Lichtenberger discusses the relationship between Bayern Munchen and Bild. Fascinating.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Obama a West Ham fan

From the Dept. of Who Knew?, from January of this year.

Redknapp should start Alnwick

Just my 2p: Redknapp should start Alnwick, then in January alternate between Gomes and Alnwick to decide the top job. Gomes is rumored to be a great keeper; he needs a breather to reset his head.

I knew that offloading Robinson would be a wrong move.

Watching Tottenham since the end of last season has been like watching one of those Italian operas where everyone stabs everyone else. It has been dramatic, but not v. effective.