Monday, January 12, 2009

Apropos of a rant

Apropos (which is not really a word, you know) of a rant somewhere else...

I had just started graduate school and I was living in an apartment complex... a college student apartment complex with comely undergrads and a pool... so I had understandably misguided hopes about my future, based on my living conditions. I was working at home one day, since I like peace and solitude, and the freedom to speak aloud to myself (which is actually important when writing), when I, against my instincts, felt compelled to call the cops because one of my neighbors was playing incredibly loud music. And it was not even particularly hip or new, it was Black Sabbath -- I mean, I understand the sentiment, but playing Black Sabbath incredibly loudly is not awe-inspiring, its cliché (which is a real word).

And it was not even one of my neighbors in my own apartment building. It was someone in the apartment building that was two buildings away.

I felt as if I had transgressed against my music-loving, "if you dig it do it" soul.

But then, after the cops came, the music was turned way down, and I found the quiet I needed to write.

All was right in the world once more...