Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Back on the blog roll

Thanks to Mark Wood, who runs Wood S Lot, for updating his blog roll and giving me a place on it. I've been on his blogroll for many years in many guises. To celebrate, I'll repost a poem of mine that he so kindly linked to sometime ago...


We who live in this miserable time
     that our present is written
         out of past sorrows.
The black ink of our history —
   of avarice, war,
     and a poverty of compassion —
seeps into our newspapers, magazines, and teleprompters.
Yet, despite the continued repetition of the past
         our politicians manage to expect
          a different future.
Mistakes beget mistakes. Sorrows beget sorrows.

If only I could convince
    this ink
              to unform words
              to make bare the pages,
     or better yet,
       to emphasize solace over sorrow,
                 compassion over power and greed.
What future will I give my children,
   I ask this ink.
What future is there for me?